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Stansbury, a quaint coastal town on the Yorke Peninsula, is steeped in rich history and natural beauty. Once known as Oyster Bay for its shellfish harvesting and as a bustling port for wheat and barley exports, Stansbury is now a peaceful community with a strong connection to its past. We are proud to offer comprehensive asbestos removal, friable asbestos removal, testing, and demolition services in Stansbury, ensuring the safety and preservation of its historic and natural charm.

Our Services in Stansbury

Asbestos Removal and Testing: We provide thorough asbestos testing and safe removal, ensuring properties comply with health and safety standards.

Friable Asbestos Removal: Our team specializes in the delicate removal of friable asbestos, using advanced techniques to safely handle and dispose of this high-risk material.

Demolition Services: We offer precise demolition services for various structures, respecting Stansbury’s historical significance and environmental sensitivity.

Comprehensive Waste Management: Post-demolition, we ensure responsible disposal and recycling of materials, in alignment with Stansbury’s commitment to maintaining its pristine environment.

Why Choose Us

Local Expertise and Understanding: Our knowledge of Wauraltee’s unique environment informs our approach to every service we provide.

Comprehensive Service Offering: From initial assessment to final clearance, we ensure a complete solution for asbestos and demolition needs.

Safety and Environmental Stewardship: We prioritize safety and environmental conservation in all our operations.

Dedication to Client Needs: Our commitment to meeting client expectations drives us to deliver high-quality, reliable services.

About Us

In Stansbury, a town where history echoes along its tranquil shores, preserving the integrity of buildings and contributing to the town’s development is essential. Asbestos Removal Experts – Yorke Peninsula is dedicated to upholding Stansbury’s legacy while facilitating its growth.

Our comprehensive asbestos and demolition services are designed to protect the town’s heritage and natural beauty. Whether you are managing a historical renovation or developing new infrastructure, we provide the expertise and care needed to achieve your goals in harmony with Stansbury’s unique character.

Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist in the ongoing story of Stansbury.

About Stansbury

Officially proclaimed in 1873, Stansbury faces the Gulf St Vincent across Oyster Bay. Its past as a significant port in South Australia and its accolade as the state’s tidiest town in 2009 reflect a community that values both its heritage and environmental beauty

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